Schedule - FOSDEM PGDay 2013

Photo of Marc Balmer

Marc Balmer

Company: micro systems
Twitter: @mbalmer

After working for Atari Corp. in Switzerland where he was responsible for Unix and Transputer systems, Marc Balmer founded his company micro systems in 1990 which first specialised in real-time operating systems and later Unix. During his studies at the University of Basel, he worked as a part time Unix system administrator.

He led the IT-research department of a large Swiss insurance company and he was a lecturor and member of the board of Hyperwerk, an Institute of the Basel University of Applied Sciences.

Marc Balmer is a long-time BSD developer and contributor; his code can be found in all of the BSDs.

He is the founder and owner of micro systems, a company that provides custom programming and IT outsourcing services mostly in the Unix environment, with a strong focus on PostgreSQL.