Schedule - FOSDEM PGDay 2017

CCP: Containerized Clustered Postgres

Date: 2017-02-03
Time: 11:30–12:20
Room: Hotel
Level: Intermediate

Interested in trying out clustered PostgreSQL but daunted by the setup requirements? Linux containers and Kubernetes can allow you to set up and test out various forms of clustered or sharded PostgreSQL without spending hours installing and configuring each distribution. This talk will walk you through deployment of clustered Postgres using Kubernetes StatefulSets and Helm, including at least the following:

  • Two forms of HA single-master PostgreSQL: Patroni and Governor
  • Sharded PostgreSQL with CitusDB
  • MM Sync Cluster (ala Postgres Pro)

Internet permitting, deployment of all forms of clustered PostgreSQL will be demonstrated.


Josh Berkus