Schedule - FOSDEM PGDay 2017

CREATE INDEX ... USING RUM. RUM index and its application to FTS.

Date: 2017-02-03
Time: 14:20–15:10
Room: Hotel
Level: Intermediate

We want to present a new custom access method, which extends the current GIN capabilities using additional information stored in posting tree/list. For example, positional information as an additional information allows new AM returns results in relevance order, which could considerably improve execution time of full text queries. Also, positions could be used to speedup phrase search making it really efficient feature of FTS. Storing timestamps provides several interesting possibilities - results can be ordered by time (thinks about fresh articles, which match FTS query) using timestamps per se and store item pointers ordered by timestamp. Both techniques provides an order of magnitude speedup for such kind of queries. Yet another application of the new AM is support of inverted full text search - find queries which match the given document.

There are GIN and VODKA access methods, so there is now RUM.

The new AM is an extension developed on top of Custom AM/Custom WAL features available in 9.6 and supported by Postgres Professional company.


Alexander Korotkov
Oleg Bartunov