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Nordic PGDay 2017

Schedule - Nordic PGDay 2017

Speeding up Query Execution through Just-In-Time-Compilation

Date: 2017-03-21
Time: 10:30–11:20
Room: Drottningholm

PostgreSQL query execution performance is pretty good for many typical OLTP (i.e. individually short and concurrently issued) type queries, but performance for queries processing large amounts of data (e.g. OLAP queries) sometimes is a bit lacking. Some of those concerns can be addressed by increasing parallelism, and work on that is in progress, with the first queries being parallelized in PostgreSQL 9.6. But even so, single-process performance is very important for performance and for efficient use of resources.

This talk will discuss improving performance by using just-in-time compilation and other related techniques. Patches for this work have been submitted to the PostgreSQL project, and work on integrating them is ongoing.

Accelerated parts include expression evaluation and tuple deforming. These currently are the biggest bottleneck when evaluating many OLAP style queries.


Andres Freund