Schedule - Nordic PGDay 2023

Power Innovation with Postgres: Every Datatype, Every Cloud, Everywhere

Date: 2023-03-21
Time: 10:20–10:35
Room: Cronos

Innovation is a critical factor in driving an organization’s growth, both for internal systems used to run the business as well as applications used by customers. As cloud adoption has soared, organizations need flexibility and power in the databases used in their mission-critical applications no matter what cloud adoption strategy they choose. For true agility, your database must support every cloud, every deployment technology, every virtualization method, and every data type.

In this session, Marc Linster, CTO of EDB, will share a technology approach that delivers a “single database everywhere” to any platform, from self-managed private clouds to the fully-managed public cloud. He’ll explain strategies for running Postgres, an open source database, in multiple cloud environments, and discuss how JSON in Postgres gives developers the power to build with greater agility and innovation.


Marc Linster