Schedule - Nordic PGDay 2024

What’s the Opposite of a Hot Dog? Using Postgres and AI to find out

Date: 2024-03-12
Time: 16:05–16:55
Room: Main room

Through the magic of OpenAI’s API and the pgVector Postgres extension, you can incorporate AI into your database and over-engineer a solution to a familiar problem; how to choose new food recipes that a pizza-loving picky eater will enjoy, and thereby avoid the whole family eating pizza all week.

You'll first import some recipes into your database, then send the data for classification via OpenAI’s API. Once the returned values have been stored in your recipe table, you can use queries powered by pgVector to identify recipes that are similar to pizza.

Using queries that instead look for “not so similar” values, we can answer the burning question, “what’s the opposite of a hot dog”?


The following slides have been made available for this session:


Karen Jex