Schedule - Nordic PGDay 2024

Automating parameter tuning for optimal efficiency

Date: 2024-03-12
Time: 11:35–11:50
Room: Sponsor track room

Explore the intricate world of PostgreSQL parameter tuning and its complexities. This talk underscores the critical role of precise configuration in boosting database performance and optimizing cloud resource utilization. It examines traditional tuning methods, including manual adjustments based on in-depth metric analysis and heuristic tools like PGTune, juxtaposed with DBtune's groundbreaking automated approach. Underpinned by the latest in machine learning, DBtune observes and dynamically adapts config settings to unique workloads and machine resource constraints. The results are enhanced efficiency and cost savings. This paradigm shift in database tuning, epitomized by DBtune, offers a scalable, efficient solution to longstanding optimization challenges, marking a significant leap forward in database management practices and environmental sustainability.


Dr. Luigi Nardi