Schedule - Nordic PGDay 2024

Gülçin Yildirim Jelinek

Company: EDB

Gülçin started working with Postgres at a startup company in 2012 and was amazed at how good Postgres really is! Over the years, she actively contributed to the PostgreSQL community by organizing conferences, delivering talks, and engaging as a dedicated community member. In recognition of her commitment, Gülçin was elected to the PostgreSQL Europe Board in 2017. Fueled by a passion for PostgreSQL Automation and Cloud Technologies, Gülçin assumed the role of Cloud Services Manager and spearheaded Cloud Development at 2ndQuadrant, which was later acquired by EDB in 2020. Committed to fostering diversity and inclusion, she is an integral part of Postgres Women, advocating for increased representation of women in technical communities. Currently serving as a Staff Engineer at EDB, Gülçin continues to explore her interests in PostgreSQL, leveraging her expertise in Cloud Technologies. In addition to her engineering work, she recently launched a podcast, "The Builders: A Postgres Podcast"