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Kevin Closson

Company: Amazon Web Services
Twitter: @kevinclosson

Current: Principal Specialist Solution Architect - Oracle. Amazon Web Services.

Before joining AWS to focus on Oracle and open-source database systems in the cloud, Kevin was a Sr. Director/Chief Performance Architect in the XtremIO Business Unit of EMC with performance engineering responsibilities focused on Oracle Database workloads in an all-flash-array environment. Before EMC, Kevin was the Performance Architect in Oracle's Exadata development group (System Technology Group). His 30-year career has included Platform and Software Engineering, positions specializing in Oracle and Clustered platforms. Prior to his tenure with EMC and Oracle, Kevin held positions within HP/PolyServe, IBM, Sequent Computer Systems, and Veritas where his main engineering focus was port-level throughput and scalability enhancements of the Oracle server on high-end Unix® SMP and Clustered Systems. Kevin holds patents in SMP locking algorithms and database caching methods. Kevin has collaborated on a number of books and contributed to Oracle Magazine, IBM Redbooks, and the IOUG SELECT Journal. He is a member of the OakTable Network and an Oracle ACE (retd.). Kevin is a patented inventor of SMP/NUMA locking and database caching methods (6389513, 6480918).

Kevin is the inventor and maintains the widely popular platform performance testing kit called SLOB (Silly Little Oracle Benchmark).


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