Schedule - PGConf.EU 2011

Writing Django Extensions for PostgreSQL

Date: 2011-10-20
Time: 13:40–14:30
Room: Amsterdam 2
Level: Intermediate

Django is a popular open-source web framework written in Python that makes it easier for developers to write sophisticated applications. Django also provides the means to be "easily" extended, allowing the developer to write new features without creating messy hacks. "Easily" is best used in quotes, as while the interface is well-defined, it can take a bit of effort to get your extension to work the way you want it to.

This presentation will demonstrate how to write extensions for PostgreSQL that take advantage of its native datatypes and features. We will briefly cover the basics of the Django ORM that serves as the interaction layer with the database, and then go through some example extensions that map Python to native PostgreSQL datatypes, e.g. geometric types, time intervals, enumerated types, and more. The talk will conclude with some thoughts on where it is better to use pure SQL than writing a Django extension. Some familiarity with Django will be assumed for this talk.


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