Schedule - PGConf.EU 2011

A PostgreSQL Service: Advantages and Trade-offs

Date: 2011-10-20
Time: 11:50–12:40
Room: Amsterdam 3
Level: Beginner

Given easy access to an unlimited pool of pay-by-the-second databases, new use cases emerge.

For example, if creating a new database replica is simply a matter of specifying a single command line, why not run all analytics on powerful, short-lived clones rather than on the production master?

Further, by taking advantage of a database service, you can get access to an environment with multiple layers of robust backup systems, a set of tools to make you more productive, and offload some of the work to a provider.

But these conveniences come with a cost; virtualized resources are often less performant than dedicated hardware and force a developer to take different considerations when designing their application, and as a user, you are asked to relinquish some of the powers you may be accustomed to, such as SSH access and cluster superuser.

This talk will also touch on some of the technology we've built to provide back to the community and some of the core features we're hoping to help bring into future releases of Postgres.


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