Schedule - PGConf.EU 2012

Using collectd for PostgreSQL performance analysis

Date: 2012-10-24
Time: 14:00–14:50
Room: Thames
Level: Beginner

Performance analysis and tuning cannot be done without identifying and understanding performance bottlenecks. For this purpose, it is very helpful to have information about the behavior of the system and its history available. collectd is a UNIX daemon which periodically collects and stores system performance data in a variety of ways. Through its modular design it is very flexible in the way it may be used. By running as a daemon without calling external scripts, it is very efficient and allows for a default resolution of 10 seconds. Besides being able to collect various information about the system it's running on, collectd supports collecting many information about PostgreSQL servers and databases. This allows for doing detailled analysises of an entire PostgreSQL server setup.

This talk provides an overview about collectd and its manyfold potentials. We will discuss the various possibilites to collect information related to the PostgreSQL setup, including interfaces provided by PostgreSQL to access internal performance data of an databases instance. The talk focuses on introducing the tools and features they provide rather than going in depth about how to interpret the collected information (this would be an entire new talk).


Sebastian Harl

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