Schedule - PGConf.EU 2012

Migrating Oracle queries to PostgreSQL

Date: 2012-10-26
Time: 10:50–11:40
Room: Thames
Level: Intermediate

Based on my experience migrating a large Oracle 8i database, the talk highlights conversion of SQL queries from Oracle specific constructions to PostgreSQL. A number of products exist that helps to automate data conversion from Oracle to PostgreSQL, among the notable open-source ones are ora2pg and relatively new PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrapper for Oracle. The talk touches them briefly and advances to the area that is less explored and automated - conversion of SQL queries. Examples are provided for different classes of queries, and subtle (often undocumented) differences are highlighted.

In addition, the talk focuses on automating the Q&A part of query conversion by showing how to build a Python application to run the queries and compare the results.


Oleksii Kliukin

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