Schedule - PGConf.EU 2012

High availability in Postgres-XC, the symmetric PostgreSQL cluster

Date: 2012-10-24
Time: 16:20–17:10
Room: Thames
Level: Advanced

Postgres-XC is a symmetric PostgreSQL cluster which provides both read and write scalability using mixture of table sharding and replication.

Each Postgres-XC cluster node provides single database view, where application can connect to any cluster node and run any transactions. Result of transactions are visible from all the cluster node without delay.

Postgres-XC is not a simple database replication and has several interesting characteristics in failure handling. Database objects are stored in distributed fashion in different components, or copied to them as replica. When some of them fail, transactions can continue to run if failed components are not involved. We don't have to stop the whole cluster operation until failed components are recovered and join the cluster again, if we want.


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