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Peter Geoghegan

Company: 2ndQuadrant
Twitter: @sternocera

Peter Geoghegan is a database architect for 2ndQuadrant, based in Dublin, Ireland. A user of PostgreSQL since 2006, and founding member of the Irish users' group, he has made a number of notable contributions to core Postgres since he began contributing early in the 9.2 release cycle.

Within the PostgreSQL community, Peter is notable for:

Improving pg_stat_statements, the contrib module that logs frequently executed queries, to support the normalization of non-prepared queries, so that, for example, the queries "select * from foo where bar = 5" and "select * from foo where bar = 6" are recognized as equivalent, and the most frequently executed queries can be monitored on-the-fly. Previously, the module was only usable with prepared queries, and the closest thing available to this capability was batch log-parsing tools like pgFouine. It is anticipated that this work will greatly increase the popularity of pg-stat-statements going forward.

Co-authoring the group commit feature, along with 2ndQuadrant CTO Simon Riggs. In sympathetic benchmarks, with a workload that is maximally commit bound, this has been measured to improve performance by an entire order of magnitude with a sufficiently high client count.

This was followed up with an improvement to the commit_delay/commit_siblings implementation for 9.3, which saw those setting become a much more effective way of increasing transaction throughput.

Being an enthusiast of compiler technology, working to advance PostgreSQL's support for the Clang compiler and related infrastructure.

Contributing a performance optimization to PostgreSQL 9.2, with which the in-memory sorting of scalar types like integers has been considerably sped-up. This has been observed to result in an approximately 30% performance improvement in execution time for some simple queries with ORDER BY clauses, an improvement that holds up well as the size of the underlying table grows.

Introducing a series of changes to PostgreSQL to improve its power consumption when idle, by eliminating the busy-waiting that previously prevented CPUs from entering idle states.

When not hacking on Postgres or consulting for 2ndQuadrant, Peter enjoys hiking, a very large cross section of music, and is a voracious follower of current affairs. His name rhymes with "Ronald Reagan".



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