Schedule - PGConf.EU 2013

Going spatial with PostGIS and more

Date: 2013-10-30
Time: 14:00–14:50
Room: Earlsfort
Level: Beginner

Geo is everywhere. Smartphones, GPS, crowdsourced maps, LIDAR and many other ways of gathering geo-located data have made the spatial component of usual data a mandatory part of most applications.

PostgreSQL lets you leverage the power of geo-enabled applications, primarily through PostGIS, but also by using some other extensions and features of the database.

This presentations will introduce you to spatial data management, and show you some spatial data processing for various use case.

PostGIS 2.1 has been released mid-2013 and offers many features and new enhancements.

Raster in database is one of the long-awaited features present in version 2.1. Topology is also a complete set of features to deal with a new way of storing geometry information. Data management functions, geometry functions... A lot of new functions has been added to what was already available in the 1.5 series. Real 3D GIS is now part of PostGIS, and a first set of functions lets you manipulate buildings, terrain and other 3D objects.

PointCloud is another PostgreSQL extension, dedicated to huge point clouds as LIDAR data or smartphones can produce. In association with PostGIS, it is a very powerful tool to efficiently deal with this specific kind of data.

PosgreSQL new features can also be used for spatial data processing : JSON and hstore are among the features we can benefit from.


Hugo Mercier

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