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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2014

NoSQL on Acid – Maximizing Results with JSONB and PostgreSQL

Date: 2014-10-21
Time: 13:30–17:00
Room: Renacimiento I
Level: Intermediate

PostgreSQL has kept up the momentum around JSON with version 9.4 featuring JSONB as demand for working with unstructured data continues to grow. PostgreSQL 9.4 introduces the new JSONB "binary JSON" type. This new storage format for unstructured document data is higher-performance than the original JSON type, and comes with indexing, functions and operators for manipulating and integrating JSON data easily with record oriented data in Postgres. This class will include instruction for several scenarios for working with JSON in PostgreSQL and demonstrate performance metrics. This class will also provide instruction on how to use different operations.

The course will address the following topics:

  • Overview of JSON data types and operators
  • Examples of SELECT, UPDATE, etc
  • Indexing for JSON - GIN, GIST and how they impact performance
  • Simple code node.js examples


Bruce Momjian
Thom Brown