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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2014

Submitting a proper Postgres bug report

Date: 2014-10-24
Time: 13:40–14:30
Room: Medici III
Level: Intermediate

In those rare situations when you find a new bug in an opensouce project, the likelihood of getting timely relevant help is often directly related to the quality of your question. Using a real life example of a bug I reported to Postgres, this talk will cover the steps you should follow, including:

  • Boiling the problem down to a simple case
  • Confirming it is in fact a new bug
  • Obtaining the source and creating a debug build
  • Generating a core dump
  • Using GDB (with the core) to find and diagnose the crash
  • Examining the source to determine the cause
  • Where and how to report it
  • Following up on your report to help with the fix

A good chunk of this should apply to any project, not just Postgres.


Jon Erdman