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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2014

Leveraging Hadoop in your PostgreSQL Environment

Date: 2014-10-23
Time: 14:40–15:30
Room: Medici III
Level: Beginner

There is buzz everywhere about Apache Hadoop and rightfully so. It's an open-source framework that enables the construction of distributed, data-intensive applications running on clusters of commodity hardware. In short, it's letting people get real value out of massive amounts of data without spending a fortune on proprietary software or high end hardware. But where does this leave the traditional relational databases like PostgreSQL?

This talk will begin with a discussion of the strengths of PostgreSQL and Hadoop. We will then lead into a high level overview of Hadoop and its community of projects like Hive, Flume and Sqoop. Finally, we will dig down into various use cases detailing how you can leverage Hadoop technologies for your PostgreSQL databases today. The use cases will range from using HDFS for simple database backups to using PostgreSQL and Foreign Data Wrappers to do low latency analytics on your Big Data.


Jim Mlodgenski