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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2014

Photo of Rafael Martinez Guerrero

Rafael Martinez Guerrero

Company: University of Oslo
Twitter: @rafaelma_


Rafael is currently working as a senior engineer for the Center for Information Technology at The University of Oslo and is the author of PgBackMan, a PostgreSQL backup manager recently released as an open source project.


He started using PostgreSQL in 1998 and has been working for several years as a database administrator for PostgreSQL databases and as a member of the university CERT group. During these years he has had the main responsibility for planning, organizing and development of operating, monitoring and maintenance procedures for all PostgreSQL systems at the University of Oslo.

He has been active in promoting several open source projects to spanish speaking users since 1995, among which we can mention, founder and webmaster of and, coordinator of the "FAQ for linux ­- es.comp.os.linux.*" in the 90' and coordinator during some years of the spanish translation of the PHP3 documentation.