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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2015

Dumping the Mainframe: Migration Study from DB2 UDB to PostgreSQL

Date: 2015-10-28
Time: 15:00–15:50
Room: Ballroom A+B
Level: Beginner

This talk will present a proof of concept project that is migrating an important database from DB2 UDB on a z/OS mainframe to PostgreSQL on Linux servers. The schema are migrated using SQLWorkbench/J and the data is migrated using both SQLWorkbench/J (for data export) and pgloader (for import into PostgreSQL). To ease application migration, an extension similar in spirit to orafce (named db2fce) was created providing popular DB2 functions.

Along the road, several obstacles and issues were encountered, including incompatible export/import formats, grumpy mainframe database admins, unimplemented objects for schema dumps and the notorious "invalid byte sequence for encoding 'UTF8': 0x00" error. All those problems and their solution will be discussed.


Michael Banck