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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2015

How to provide your own DBaaS: a practical story

Date: 2015-10-30
Time: 10:50–11:40
Room: Palais I-III
Level: Intermediate

The CERN Database on Demand service has now been in operation for the last three years. Designed to scale, it currently manages about 240 single database instances from three different flavors: PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle. It's a homemade solution providing enterprise level RDMBS services to the CERN community.

This talk describes the architecture of our solution. How it combines Openstack virtualization, plain physical servers and servers under a clusterware software, and goes on to cover the new implementation of our framework, which is being developed as an Open Source project (e.g ., ). It also covers the storage based functionality, NFS access protocol, which grounds critical database services such as backup and recovery implementation, and other aspects of the service such as database monitoring monitoring, component upgrades, etc


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