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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2015

WAL, standbys and Postgres 9.5

Date: 2015-10-29
Time: 09:30–10:20
Room: Ballroom A+B
Level: Intermediate

Standby nodes are part of the ecosystem for Postgres users for a long time since file-based log shipping is present, their use gaining a lot of adopters since the introduction 5 years ago in 9.0 of streaming replication, which is now well-spread and used in a large number of production systems, with both warm and hot standbys.

This presentation goes through all the things that one needs to know regarding all the new things that have changed in 9.5 with standbys and WAL, particularly how to deal with those changes, how to take advantage of them, and how to use the new things that the upcoming release of Postgres is coming up with to make the life of administrators, and their clusters more performant and smoother.


Michael Paquier