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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2015

Photo of Boro Jakimovski

Boro Jakimovski

Company: FINKI

Born on March 1st 1978 in Skopje, where he finished his primary and secondary school with excelent grades. Durring his education he attended and achived great results on many high school competitions, among which his best achievements were 1st place on the State competition in informatics in 1996, and attendance on the 8th International Olympiad in Informatics and 4th Balcan Olympiad in Informatics. Meanwhile he has successfully attended English courses and received the First Cambridge Certificate (FCE) in English. In 1996 he started his undergraduate studies in Informatics at the Faculty of Natural Scences and Mathematics, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, where he graduated in 2000 as the best student at the Faculty with average score 9.91 (out of 10). Durring his undergraduate studies he received many honorable mentions for attending the ACM collegiate programming contests, where he was a member of the team that in 1999 was second in the region and attended the Finals of the 24th ACM international collegiate programming contests, that was held in 2000 in Orlando, Florida. After his third year of studies, he was an intern for three months in Philish Laboratories in Eindhoven, Holland, where he worked on coding thechniques for multicast protocols. From October 2000 until March 2001 he wored as an assocciate at the Institute of Informatics at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and then he was elected as a junior assistant. Durring 2001 he started his graduate studies in informatics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, where he finished them in 2004 withe the defence of the master thesis "Communications in Grids", undre the supervision of Prof. d-r Marjan Gushev. In 2010, with the public defence of doctoral dissertation under the title "Modelling and verification of Grid workflows" under the supervision of Prof. d-r Smile Markovski he received PhD in Informatics, and afterwards he was elected as Assistant Professor in 2011. He has been teaching the following courses: Distributed Operating Systems, System Software, Introduction to IT, Introduction to Software Engineering, Software Construction. During he was assistant he gave tutorials for the following courses: Introduction to informatics 1, Introduction to informatics 2, Finite mathematics, Numerical programming, Programming languages, Computer architectures, Algorithms and automata, Data structures, Formal languages and automata, Operating systems, Parallel and distributed processing, Distributed operating systems, Theory of programming and System software. He is a coordinator for Macedonia for the International FP7 project “European Grid Initiative - Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe ”. He was active participant in 15 international projects in the field of informatics and developing curricula in informatics. He has had significant contribution to the SEE-GRID, SEE-GRID-2 and SEE-GRID-SCI international projects as the Grid Infrastructure Manager for Macedonia. He has participated in 20 workshops as lecturer and has visited more than 10 universities and summer schools. His scientific fields of interest are: Grid computing, High-performance computing, Parallel and distributed processing, Genetic algorithms. He has published 18 papers in international conferences and 1 paper in international journal with impact factor.