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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2016

Battleground: Keeping PostgreSQL port alive in a MySQL-dominated environment (MediaWiki)

Date: 2016-11-04
Time: 10:50–11:40
Room: Alfa 1
Level: Beginner

PostgreSQL support in MediaWiki is somehow lagging behind MySQL.

This talk is about my experience in keeping the MediaWiki port to PostgreSQL current. MediaWiki development has a strong focus on the needs of Wikipedia-supporting infrastructure, which is powering one of the most popular websites.

On the other hand, MediaWiki is available for everyone to install and PostgreSQL 9.0+ is one of the supported database engines.

This talk covers social and technical issues and tries to explain why achieving feature parity with MySQL is almost impossible. This talk will be delivered from the point of view of the casual PostgreSQL end-user.

The author hopes to reach out to the PostgreSQL users with similar problems (especially with other PHP apps) as well as to the core developers who might want to get a better understanding of the issues on the ground.

Marcin Cieślak is a long time Wikipedia editor and MediaWiki contributor. He has successfully deployed PostgreSQL-based solutions in the enterprise domain, but is a newcomer to the PostgreSQL community.


Marcin Cieślak