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Conference Schedule - PGConf.EU 2016

HA with repmgr, barman and pgbouncer

Date: 2016-11-03
Time: 10:30 - 11:20
Room: Alfa 2
Level: Intermediate

PostgreSQL provides a powerful, versatile and robust built-in replication system - however creating a efficient, reliable and resilient replication cluster (and keeping track of its status) can involve a lot of manual configuration and effort.

This talk will demonstrate how to create and maintain a HA replication cluster with three complementary open source tools - Repmgr, Barman and PgBouncer - which in combination not only automate many routine tasks but strengthen your PostgreSQL environment.

  • Standby! Clone! - Creating and managing the cluster with repmgr
  • Your backup is served! - Managing backups and WALs with barman
  • Get those WALS! - Using Barman with repmgr to route around streaming issues
  • Dead Node Bounce! - Using PgBouncer with repmgr to fence fallen servers

Ian Barwick is a long-time PostgreSQL user (2001/7.3), occasional submitter of patches and developer/support engineer at 2ndQuadrant. He is also one of the repmgr maintainers.


Ian Barwick