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Conference Schedule - PGConf.EU 2017

Mike Fowler

Company: Claranet

Mike Fowler encountered Linux and it’s surrounding ecosystem of open source software while reading software engineering at university. As a student he delighted in the ability to read and understand the code as well as the cost freedom to make use of software that would otherwise be out of reach.

Entering the corporate world he discovered that the commercial equivalents of many of the tools he’d grown to love were also out of his employer’s reach, Introducing open source was the easy part, keeping it running was a different matter. So began a career that mixed elements of software engineering, system administration and systems engineering.

Driven by a belief that humans should only do interesting things Mike has spent many years automating many aspects of his duties as well as the business processes within the business. Aside from the usual collection of Perl & Ansible scripts, he made heavy use of and many contributions to the YAWL project (Yet Another Workflow Engine).

Mike is a strong advocate of PostgreSQL having driven it’s adoption at many of his previous employers. He contributed some XML features to 9.1 and has made a number of bug fixes to the JDBC driver. He has spoken of these experiences as a regular speaker at PGDayUK.

With the advent of Site Reliability Engineering Mike now has a title that matches what he’s always been doing. By combining his software & systems engineering skills with his system administration experience and passion for automation he now works on behalf of Claranet with organisations to help them migrate and make better use of the Linux public cloud offerings.