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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2017

Photo of Victor Yegorov

Victor Yegorov

Company: Data Egret

First DBMS experience in 1995 on FoxPro/Clipper. Working with ORACLE, PostgreSQL, MySQL from 1998 in internet-banking and online payment projects.

From 2001 administrated business critical financial and card systems in latvian bank, running both, PostgreSQL and Oracle DB.

Later switched to telecom area and spent 10 years at Tele2 Billing. Responsible for the installation, maintenance, support and performance tuning of two billing systems, order management and task automation systems. All that & more runs on Oracle DB, PostgreSQL and MS SQL with HP-UX, Linux and Windows as hosting OS.

Currently PostgreSQL DBA at the Data Egret, focusing on all aspects of 24/7 PostgreSQL support.