Conference Schedule - PGConf.EU 2018

Partition a 10TB table

Date: 2018-10-24
Time: 16:20 - 17:10
Room: New York
Level: Intermediate

At Adyen we have a table that is 10TB in size which takes more than 24 hours to vacuum. Due too operational growth deleting data in the table is not an option thus we needed to migrate this table to a partitioned version. One of the biggest challenges with this was that this table has around 3000 insert/updates per seconds and downtime is not an option in our business.

We will tell about our journey of partitioning this table from a DBA perspective but also from a developer perspective. We will cover our attempts in 8.3 to solve this problem, a few solutions we considered in solving this. Also we will cover the thing we actually did and tell about the unexpected results we got from these actions. We will end this talk with the current situation and the future steps we are planning to do next.


Marco van Eck
Reinier Haasjes