Conference Schedule - PGConf.EU 2018

Jarred Nicholls

Company: CTO @ GOEFER, Architect @ IronNet Cybersecurity
Twitter: @jarrednicholls

Jarred comes from a very successful career as a Principal Software Architect, Open Source Developer & Technical Speaker with over 16 years of experience. He has worked in startups in a wide array of industries and on large open source projects, including but not limited to WebKit (Apple Safari), Chromium (Google Chrome), and Qt. He is a natural born entrepreneur and leader that enjoys creating relevant and necessary products, pioneering new technologies, and building successful teams.

His most recent endeavor at IronNet Cybersecurity—led by ex-NSA Director and retired 4-star Army General Keith Alexander—resulted in the successful creation of a next generation network security platform that can process and store tens to hundreds of gigabits of data per second. Its function is to detect anomalies that are commonly attributed to cybersecurity attacks using techniques such as Deep Protocol Inspection, Behavioral Analytics, Signal Analysis and Machine Learning. He helped grow the engineering team from single digit to over 40 during his tenure and acted as Chief Architect for the IronDefense product. Jarred's experience in growing dispersed teams, breaking ground on green field products, and designing massively scalable architectures has prepared him to meet the global growth challenge head-on for his newest startup GOEFER.