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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2018

Fast, not Furious - What a benchmark can tell you

Date: 2018-10-24
Time: 11:10–12:00
Room: Casablanca
Level: Beginner

Will a powerful server always have good performance? How fast can it go? Which filesystem should I use? Is NVMe storage a good choice? Is all this power directly related to good TPS numbers? These and many other questions are common when we have to decide which machine will hold our beloved PostgreSQL server.

In this talk we will see why performing benchmark tests is an essential method that helps to understand how our system is behaving, predict how PostgreSQL will perform, and identify possible pre-existing issues in our hardware and/or system. We will cover which points are more important to be observed on a benchmark, present common open source tools that can be used for these tests, compare results from different server sizes, and try to discover how to make PostgreSQL fast, and not furious.


The following slides have been made available for this session:


Rubens Souza