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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2018

Tatsuro Yamada

Company: NTT Open Source Software Center

Tatsuro Yamada is a software architect at NTT Open Source Software Center, oracle_fdw committer, and on the steering committee of PGConf.Asia. He joined NTT Group in 1999, and he started his career as an Oracle DBA and Infrastructure Engineer in telecom area. Since 2014, he started working for NTT Open Source Software Center as a software architect to migrate mission-critical systems from Oracle to PostgreSQL, and also provide database consultancy services for NTT Group. Therefore, he is able to handle both Oracle and PostgreSQL, and is also able to perform plan-tuning for both DBMSs. He likes participating in the community and has spoken in number of community-driven conferences. He was quite excited about the talk he gave at PGCon 2016 about a big migration project that NTT undertook, and is a frequent speaker at the conferences in Japan, where his talks have spanned topics such oracle_fdw use-cases, benchmark measurements using high-end servers equipped with 240 cores.

His current interests are improving execution plan using auto-tuning, creating command progress monitor, tasting craft beer, and listening to jazz-samba and bossa nova.