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Daycare for Children at PostgreSQL Conference Europe

2022-09-12 10:00:00+00:00 by Andreas Scherbaum

PostgreSQL Europe strongly believes in making PGConf.EU 2022 available to everyone in our community, and as part of that effort we are proud to offer childcare for children ages 3–15 to parents attending PGConf.EU 2022.

We have partnered with Märchenkinder, an experienced and highly recommended professional childcare provider, who will be on-site on the conference floor keeping your children safe, entertained and happy. The children will be supervised by trained and skilled staff at all times. The staff will be fluent in at least German and English, and are very experienced in taking care of children of all nationalities and languages (or not yet speaking at all). If you have language requirements, get in touch with us before booking and we'll see what can be done to accommodate.

Food, snacks and beverages will be provided and tailored to your child's needs with regards to allergies and dietary requirements. Once signed up, contact us for information on how to provide dietary details to Märchenkinder.

Activities are tailored to match the interests and curiosities of the children present, and include things like:

…and much more All materials for craft projects and drawing/painting are included.

If your child does daytime napping then please let us know beforehand so that Märchenkinder can plan the days.

The daycare space at PGConf.EU 2022 will be a strict no-photo zone, and we kindly ask parents to not photograph their children in there even if no other children or staff are visible in the picture. No personal information about your child apart from name and age is shared with the PGConf.EU organization and only specially appointed PGConf.EU staff will have access to the daycare space.

Daycare for children is currently not available on Tuesday during Training, if there is enough interest we can potentially extend to cover this day as well, so please do tell us in advance.

The cost for daycare for children is €20 per day and child.

You can book childcare by visiting your registration and pick daycare as an additional booking option.

Your child's normal insurance should cover this event, but if you are uncertain then do get in touch with your insurance provider to double check.

If you have any questions about the daycare for children, don't hesitate to contact us!

The PGConf.EU 2022 organizer would like to extend a special thanks to Stefanie Stölting who initiated this project, and we hope to make this a regular part of our conference offering to the community.