Conference Schedule - PGConf.EU 2022

GUI representation of monitoring System Activity with the system_stats Extension in pgAdmin 4

Date: 2022-10-27
Time: 13:40–14:30
Room: Zurich
Level: Intermediate

The new dashboard integrated in PostgreSQL pgAdmin 4 dashboard representes system-level statistics in a visually appealing and comprehensive manner using the system_stats extension. It was developed as a GSoC 2022 project. It allows users to interact with system metrics of the PostgreSQL database servers with heavy detailing on important performance indicators related to OS, CPU, Memory, Disk, I/O, networking, etc. The statistics will let the user understand the usage of resources of the OS, analyze CPU performance and I/O completion with system interrupt status, get an in-depth understanding of memory usage and disk information, be able to track the network interface information and know how much memory is consumed by different processes running on the system. These features of the new dashboard help in understanding how large-scale databases utilise system resources at the production level. A comprehensive dashboard has been designed and developed to optimally represent all the system statistics that are relevant to the users, keeping it minimal and consistent to ensure user-friendliness. The users also possess the power to dynamically change the dashboard as per their preferences.


Kunal Garg