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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2022

Photo of Jan Karremans

Jan Karremans

Company: EDB Postgres
Twitter: @johnnyq72

Jan Karremans is a Customer Success Architect with EDB.

With over 30 years of experience in the database market and a former accredited Oracle ACE, Jan is a well-respected expert in relational database technologies, speaking regularly at database events around the world.

He began his career working as a systems administrator running a Datapoint Mainframe at a medical facility for the Royal Dutch Army. While there Jan supported the switch to Oracle Database 6.2 on a Micro VAX 3100, which began his involvement with the Oracle Database. Subsequently, he participated in the development and deployment of a database platform for healthcare administration, based on a homegrown Rapid Web application Development framework. On a parallel track in his career, Jan moved into sales and consultancy as Business Development Manager and Sales leader for New Zealand-based and operated Dbvisit. Prior to joining EDB Jan was the COO for Portrix Systems in Hamburg Germany, where he was responsible for all IT operations and specifically for running Portrix GPM software.