Conference Schedule - PGConf.EU 2022

Photo of Avinash Vallarapu

Avinash Vallarapu

Company: MigOps
Twitter: @AviVallarapu

Avinash Vallarapu (Avi) is the CEO and Co-founder of MigOps, Inc. Before joining MigOps, Avi worked as a Global Services Lead and Product Owner for PostgreSQL at Percona, Database Architect at OpenSCG and Dell. Avi has a great expertise on Migrations to PostgreSQL. He has a vast experience in technologies like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB for the last 2 decades. He is an avid Python and Golang developer. He has co-authored multiple books on PostgreSQL : Beginning PostgreSQL on Cloud and PostgreSQL 13 Cookbook.

He spoke at various PostgreSQL Conferences in the past including -

PGCONF India - 2017/2019 PGCON Ottawa 2018 Percona Live Frankfurt 2018 Postgres Conference New York 2019 Percona Live Texas 2019, 2022 Postgres Open Florida 2019 Postgres Conference Silicon Valley 2019, 2022 Percona Live Amsterdam 2019 PGCONF India 2020, PGCONF New York and some more conferences.

His areas of expertise are PostgreSQL Migrations, Training and Consulting.