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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2022

Photo of Kshitij Purwar

Kshitij Purwar

Company: Blue Sky Analytics
Twitter: @therookiepro

Kshitij is the Founder and CTO of Blue Sky Analytics, a Climate-Tech start-up using satellite data, AI, and open-source, cloud-native technologies to build environmental monitoring and climate-risk assessment products.

He is a college dropout with over eight years of product and software development experience. A self-taught Full Stack developer, he joined Hiver, an early-stage tech startup, as a core engineer after dropping out in the 3rd semester of his electronics & communication degree.

In 2018, working with his sister Abhilasha, Kshitij founded Blue Sky Analytics to help fight climate change with data. At Blue Sky, he leads a team of young developers and data scientists to analyze terabytes of data to deliver sophisticated environmental datasets; and build “SpaceTime”, a data visualisation platform to support open source & collaboration for Climate Action.