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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2022

Photo of Antoine Daignan

Antoine Daignan

Company: Adyen

Platform Scalability Team Lead at Adyen.

As a Java developer I have worked on many databases often facing the same dilemmas when designing tables and how to keep them both flexible and well structured for the application to perform on it. In my career I have been through many quirks like:

Discovering the limits of Entity–attribute–value model on an Oracle DB The power and yet the complexity of still using DB2 in the 20th century Empty value handling in MongoDB

When I joined Adyen in 2019, I discovered a new company with an extremely scaled Postgres environment both vertically and horizontally. I met developers in Platform Scalability skilled at tweaking and designing applications for Postgres, implementing use cases I never thought it would be possible without a relational database.

I have never dug my hands as a developer in a DB mechanism as deep as Postgres. Learning how to use its greatest features, avoid its pitfalls and work around its limitations.