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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2022

Photo of Derk van Veen

Derk van Veen

Company: Adyen

Started as a java developer in 2010 but slowly transposed to being a full time DBA from 2015.

The organisation I was working for started there own SaaS platform and it was my job to get both Db2 and Oracle up and running to host the insurance data for most of the Dutch largest insurance companies. It took me a few years, but when I left the company I could leave a full-fledged database environment behind.

Next I spent a year on building a PostgreSQL production environment for another big Dutch insurance company, but this time on a Cloud platform.

I really enjoyed working with PostgreSQL and I switched to being a full time PostgreSQL DBA at Adyen. I am having a great time at Adyen working with PostgreSQL and lots of critical data.