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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2022

Adaptive PgBouncer autoscaling with Karpenter

Date: 2022-10-28
Time: 14:40–15:30
Room: Berlin 1
Level: Intermediate

PgBouncer is an essential tool for protecting your database against rapid spikes and churn of database connections and helping to manage transaction throughput. But how do you know how much PgBouncer processes will accommodate your application needs?

In this talk, we demonstrate how to dynamically autoscale PgBouncer for PostgreSQL deployments on Kubernetes. With a Kubernetes Service, which lets us dynamically scale PgBouncer instances without manual intervention, we can use the open source Karpenter autoscaler to optimize cost and allocate the correct size of compute and bin-packs to tune PgBouncer for its workload.


Jonathan S. Katz