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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2022

Administering large scale PostgreSQL installations

Date: 2022-10-26
Time: 15:00–15:50
Room: Berlin 2+3
Level: Beginner

How the Danish Ministry of Education handles 400 clusters divided into 100 products. Some products designated as critical infrastructure in Denmark.

The presentation is about the interaction between the postgres clusters, the tools that surround the databases, the developers, the operation and the Product Owners.

Handling the enterprise needs in a government - on a large scale. Automated with Ansible.

It is not a technical presentation but a concept and a working proof of enterprise ready Postgres and Postgres tooling supporting the Danish education landscape. Which meets the requirement of user and government and legal stuff like GDPR.

Take a way: The presentation will show how a largescale enterprise setup in the Danish government are put together and handled safely with few employees. The presentation are about inspiring other – especially governments - to use Postgres in a larger scale.

The ministry uses a wide range of postgres tools

and some self-developed concepts for

Everything configured and automated with ansible.

Users of the enterprise setup are


The following slides have been made available for this session:


Jan Birk