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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2022

Building a Cross-Entreprise Workgroup to promote PostgreSQL

Date: 2022-10-26
Time: 11:10–12:00
Room: Zurich
Level: Beginner

PostgreSQL is rising among big companies and some of them want to contribute actively to the project. How can we include them in the Postgres community ? How can they help ? How can we federate their efforts ?

Since 2016, The Cross-Enterprise Work Group ( called “Groupe de Travail Inter-Entreprises” - acronym PGGTIE - or “GT Inter-Entreprises” in French) is a dedidacted task force inside the PostgreSQLFr non-profit association.

The group has more then 25 members, including : Air France, Carrefour, CNES, EDF, SNCF, Societe Generale and others... see :

This presentation will explain how you can build a similar group in your area and what kind of actions the group can launch toward 3 main goals :

The French Enterprise Workgroup is willing to help similar initiaves in other country or at the European level. This talk is intended as a starting point for an open discussion to build more bridges between the PostgreSQL community and the corporate world.


The following slides have been made available for this session:


Anthony Nowocien
Damien Clochard
Flavio Henrique Araque Gurgel