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Schedule has been posted

2023-10-20 09:41:20+00:00 by Daniel Gustafsson

PostgreSQL Conference Europe is pleased to announce that the schedule for the 2023 event, to be held in Prague, Czechia, on 12-15 December, has now been published.

This year, Simon Riggs will present the opening keynote, on the topic of "The Next 20 Years of PostgreSQL". Simon, who recently retired, was the founder of 2ndQuadrant, a Postgres Fellow at EDB, and a PostgreSQL Major Developer for many years.

PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2023 is the 13th annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe, previous events having been held in cities such as Warsaw, Tallinn, Vienna, Madrid, Dublin, Prague, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Berlin attracting hundreds of PostgreSQL users and developers every year.

Tickets are available on the website, subject to availability. With a history of the event selling out, we encourage everybody who wants to attend to register as soon as possible to guarantee a seat.

We still have seats left at some of the training sessions held the day before the main conference, taught by PostgreSQL experts from around the world. Tickets for training sessions are subject to availability.

Finally, the schedule is, of course, subject to changes.

We look forward to seeing you in Prague!


PostgreSQL Conference Europe Organization Committee