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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2023

The path to using AIO in postgres

Date: 2023-12-14
Time: 16:00–16:50
Room: Meridian

For a few years we (Andres Freund, Thomas Munro, Melanie Plageman, David Rowley) have been working towards using asynchronous IO (AIO) and direct IO in Postgres. In this talk I'll describe what using AIO in postgres looks like, what we already have gotten into postgres (e.g. speeding up concurrent COPY by 3x in 16), what we are working to get into postgres 17, and what we hope to achieve longer term.

The goal of using AIO and DIO in postgres is to improve throughput, decrease latency, reduce jitter, reduce double buffering and more.


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Andres Freund