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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2023

Photo of Rajiv Harlalka

Rajiv Harlalka

Company: GSoC'23 Contributor
Twitter: @rajivharlalka09

I'm Rajiv Harlalka, an undergraduate student hailing from India, proudly participating in GSoC'23 as a contributor to PostgreSQL. I'm a tech enthusiast who finds joy in coding for leisure, strolling through lush green woods, and sharing laughter with my friends under the evening sky.

My fascination with databases has grown over the past few years, and PostgreSQL has held a special place in my heart right from the beginning. Delving into its inner workings, unraveling its history, and engaging in discussions about how this behemoth was constructed never ceases to captivate me.

Beyond my technical pursuits, I have a deep passion for connecting with people and discovering the rich tapestry of cultures and regions around the world. Oh, and I'm an avid beer and coffee lover, so don't hesitate to share a cup with me anytime! 😊