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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2023

Blazingly Fast Message Queue on Postgres with Rust

Date: 2023-12-15
Time: 09:30–10:20
Room: Zenit

Message queues are an essential component in building any kind of digital product or distributed system. Like any software dependency, there are many factors to consider when choosing which message queue to use. There are dozens of options available - how do you simplify your decision? What are important factors to consider? And, what if we told you that you can just use your good old reliable Postgres DB?

At Tembo, we built an open source extension that adds messaging queue capabilities to Postgres called PGMQ. Designed to encapsulate the best practices from prior Postgres queue implementations, PGMQ has exactly-once delivery guarantees, a SQL interface, and intuitive client SDKs in Rust and Python.

In this talk, we will demonstrate how it works, how it helped us simplify our architecture, and we will also share benchmarking analysis and comparisons against other message queues, so you can evaluate it for your own use case.


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Adam Hendel