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Schedule - PGConf.EU 2023

Database DevOps: Accelerating Changes from Dev to Production with Flyway

Date: 2023-12-13
Time: 17:20–18:10
Room: Tycho

Whether you are the DBA for an Agile, Sprint-based team, or a developer with DBA responsibilities, you may feel like the development bottleneck at every turn. Managing migrations with your ORM of choice is easy but often error-prone, slow and hard to manage as the project grows. Or worse yet, maybe your schema and change management is a folder full of poorly commented SQL scripts saved to a shared folder or local drive.

Surely there's a better, SQL-centric way to manage databases as code, validate changes, and deploy updates - right? Yes, there is!

This session will explore what database DevOps is and how Flyway can help you manage database schema and code changes with speed and accuracy, while incorporating agile CI/CD practices. The session will conclude with a demo of Flyway and Redgate Test Data Manager to create a schema change using thin clones of production-like data, managing changes through dev, testing, and prod.


Ryan Booz