Schedule - pgDay Paris 2024

So Help Me Codd: The non-tech mind and PostgreSQL

Date: 2024-03-14
Time: 10:20–11:05
Room: Louxor

A tech talk delivered by a total newbie to the PostgreSQL world. This beginner talk will look at how to make PostgreSQL relevant to people whose main line of thinking may not be technological.

PostgreSQL is awesome - we can probably all agree on that. But how do the non-techies among us learn to understand and appreciate it? How do we understand how it can be used so that we can become evangelists even though we can’t build the databases ourselves?

This beginner talk will look at the first, second, and third normal forms of a normalized database, and will include an explanation of why "The Key, the Whole Key, and Nothing but the Key, so Help me Codd" is a critical component in this field. Differentiating it from other such proposals, this session will be delivered by a technology newbie with a focus on helping true database newbies to understand, use, and even appreciate database normalization.

After this talk, participants will be able to answer the following questions: what are the first three normal forms of a normalized database? Why does it matter? And where do I go from here?


Eliza Bennett