Schedule - pgDay Paris 2024

PostgreSQL without permanent local data storage

Date: 2024-03-14
Time: 11:15–12:00
Room: Auditorium

PostgreSQL depends on the local file system for various consistency and persistence guarantees. However, in the Cloud where local disks are ephemeral, you'll have to look for other solutions. Network-attached disks (like EBS) are one way to persist data in a cloud environment, but at Neon we decided to disaggregate storage and compute, and get rid of the local file system entirely for long-term data storage.

This talk discusses the technical challenges we encountered at Neon while building a disaggregated storage and compute project based on a PostgreSQL fork: the problems that we encountered, the solutions we built for them, and the benefits we get from disaggregating storage and compute.


Matthias van de Meent