Schedule - FOSDEM PGDay 2016

Highly available PostgreSQL with Patroni

Date: 2016-01-29
Time: 14:20–15:10
Room: Hotel
Level: Intermediate

Automatic failover is hard, but sometimes there is no other choice. Zalando, having hundreds of autonomous teams and more than 150 database clusters, was exactly in this situation. To tackle this problem we’ve developed Patroni, a core of our HA solution. It is based on the idea of combining a distributed configuration system with PostgreSQL in order to reliably detect master failures and guard against split brain and other common failure issues. Patroni is based on Compose Governor, although it is a significant improvement: it is stable, more performant and has numerous new features, such as support for Zookeeper, ability to perform on-demand failovers, creation of new replicas with methods other than pg_basebackup, multi-threading to perform long-running tasks, support for pg_rewind and other improvements. Patroni is stable and runs new production databases inside Zalando. It’s also an open-source project, actively developed in the open on github:

This talk will describe the ideas behind Patroni, architecture and use-cases, from running it on developer’s laptop for testing to managing numerous database clusters in the cloud.


Oleksii Kliukin